Established in the year 1990, Mubmai.

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We are the leading name in company relocation services. We are positioned everywhere in the country to satisfy the expert needs and demands with the companies and office. Our exert and professional team are highly skilled in the task and undertake it with great care in a meticulous manner through assisting it with latest product packaging and moving technology instruments which are available in the market you can buy. The team meets the clients and understands their requirements efficiently so that you can satisfy their demands without just about any mistake.

Our professional leave no sandstone unturned when it come to provided that high class services of relocate your office equipments and proceeds to a new purpose. We effort in a very prepared and superb way and also use proper material to prevent any type of damage and spoilt. Our outstanding staff also takes care that nobody of your place of work data and papers gets misplaced & is lost. We take the assist of well chart code scheme in order to shift your organization file and credentials exceptionally and relocate them to the new position with right placement.

Our service can be render at very reasonably priced and sound price. We set your organization equipments with huge care in order to make sure its security and safety.